Nursery / Primary Uniform Primary Sports Kit
Red Sweatshirt with school logo White T shirt with school logo
Red Cardigan with school logo Red shorts
White Polo Top with school logo Red PE bag with school logo
Red Reversible Jacket with school logo
Red Fleece Jacket with school logo
Book Bag
Document Case

Listed below are the following ways you can place your order:

  • You can order by simply coming into store. (we carry stock all year round)
  • If you know what size you need for your child you can call the store with your order and make payment over the telephone.
  • You can place your order and make payment at the school office and your order will be delivered to school on a Friday.
  • Orders can be made and paid for in the store and then delivered to your school on Friday.
  • Collections can be picked up from the store.
  • During August collections can only be made in store on a Sunday or you can have your order home delivered on a Thursday or Friday for a small charge.
  • Unfortunately once garments are initialed they can not be changed.

Lollipops also supply a full range of trousers, skirts, shoes and other school accessories.