Nursery uniform Primary uniform Primary sports kit
Purple zip-up hoddie with school logo Purple blazer with school logo (compulsory) White T-shirt with school logo
Black jogging bottoms Purple v-neck jumper with school logo (optional) Black shorts
Purple cardigan with school logo (optional) Purple P.E bag with school logo
Purple stripe tie
White shirt/blouse
Document case
Book bag

Listed below are the following ways you can place your order:

  • You can order by simply coming into store. (we carry stock all year round)
  • If you know what size you need for your child you can call the store with your order and make payment over the telephone.
  • You can place your order and make payment at the school office and your order will be delivered to school on a Friday.
  • Orders can be made and paid for in the store and then delivered to your school on Friday.
  • Collections can be picked up from the store.
  • During August collections can only be made in store on a Sunday or you can have your order home delivered on a Thursday or Friday for a small charge.
  • Unfortunately once garments are initialed they can not be changed.

Lollipops also supply a full range of trousers, skirts, shoes and other school accessories.