Throughout the year lollipops stock a wide variety of cubbies all of which can be personalised with any message you choose. Our prices range from £20 – £25. Below are some examples of our embroidered teddies, you can also check out our Facebook page for more.

IMG_8651 IMG_8640 IMG_8593 IMG_8586 IMG_8642 IMG_8523 IMG_8675 IMG_8585 IMG_8522 IMG_7797 IMG_7771 IMG_7712 IMG_7724   IMG_7709 IMG_7688 IMG_7689 IMG_7699 IMG_7680 IMG_7676 IMG_7532 IMG_7530 IMG_7529 IMG_7522 IMG_7521  IMG_7503 IMG_7502  IMG_7469 IMG_7467 IMG_7464 IMG_7452  IMG_7432   IMG_7320 IMG_7315 IMG_7123 IMG_7180 IMG_7245